Quitting Alcoholism Through Alcoholic Anonymous Tokens
In our society today, people are struggling with a big problem entitled alcoholism. All the people are being affected directly or indirectly.Read more about AA tokens at sobriety coin.  Many people have pulled their efforts together so as to curb the problem. Rehabilitation of affected people has been one way to deal with the problem. A lot of supervision is required in this process of rehabilitation. One way of achieving the objective has been through tokens.

Tokens are items given to recovering alcoholics not only as an encouragement but also a reminder of their course. Different intervals in the recovery stages are awarded different medals. The tokens are purchased at the token shop. They have a website that contains a variety of tokens and their prices. The type of token to be purchased depends on the alcoholic. Bracelets and wristbands may accompany the tokens.

These tokens are usually metallic coins. At the early stages of recovery, an alcoholic is given an aluminium coin which has symbolic figures on it. As they advance and increase in their sobriety, they are given more expensive materials. At the Alcoholic Anonymous token shop, the coins are offered in an interval of three months.  That is at three months, six months and nine months sequentially. The coins have a lot of features in common apart from their color and material maybe. There are golden, silver, blue, green and purple coins at the different stages.

The addicts are expected to carry the tokens in their pockets. In that position,the addicts dip their fingers into their pockets and feel the coins and it reminds them of where they have come from. The length of time of sobriety is well stamped in an AA coin. It also has an AA circle and triangle motif. The words written on the tokens are the motivation one needs and must also appear on every AA coin.

In order to mark important milestones in the process of sobriety, some medallions are given. These may be given when a person stays sober for periods reaching more than an year. Click about  to learn more about  AA tokens.Normally a party is held in honor of the person who has recovered and a person who knows them well is given a chance to say good things about them. The fellowship of anonymous alcoholics is usually in charge of these activities.

The path to recovery is long and slippery. A lot efforts are required in the process from all the people involved. It is in order to acknowledge the efforts of the fellowship of Alcoholics Anonymous. The methods that they are using from conversing with the addicts as well as walking with them in the journey of recovery are recommendable. Using sobriety coins, recovery medallions and the token shop has been a very bright idea and way in this process.Learn more from .

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